How it works

  • Connect
    NoJack attaches securely to your bike, and connects to your phone via Bluetooth, to arm automatically when you park your bike.

  • Arm
    While armed, NoJack's micro-computer is on full alert for the signature motions of your bike being jacked, while ignoring harmless jostling.

  • Secure
    If it detects intentional tampering, NoJack fires off its 110 decibel siren, scaring away the thief and keeping your ride secure.
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    • When can I get one?
      The KickStarter campaign will start in summer 2014, and we're aiming to ship at the end of the year.
    • How much will it cost?
      We're aiming for sub-$50 pricing, which we'll firm up by the time we launch our KickStarter.
    • What if my phone dies?
      You can tap out a personalized "rhythm" code on NoJack's casing to disarm it. Cool right?!
    • Can it be broken?
      We're designing a robust casing to resist blunt and sharp force and extreme temperature attacks.
    • What about false alarms?
      We're writing algorithms for our microcontroller to minimize or eliminate false alarms. NoJack also uses a concept of "anger" to control siren volume and duration. Slight or brief jostling will get it annoyed for a while but won't fire the alarm. Vigorous or sustained jostling will fire the alarm briefly at low volume as a warning, and stop once the movement stops. But continuing to disturb the bike will trigger sustained loud firing. You'll also be able to set NoJack's "alertness level" to adjust how quickly it gets angry.
    • Any other features?
      Automatically track your rides - route, duration, speed, calories - and sync them to your favourite fitness tracker. Locate your bike by using our smartphone app to trigger NoJack's whistle. And lots more we're keeping secret for now!
    • Do I still need a lock?
      Absolutely! NoJack offers a different type of theft deterrent, so combining NoJack with a quality U-lock will give you maximum security for your precious ride.
    • How's the battery life?
      We're still testing but NoJack should last for at least several months on a single battery charge.
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