• Gotta Love Your Ugly Baby

    by Scott

    Beautiful, isn’t it? That’s right, the first working prototype for the NoJack smart bike alarm is the pinnacle of engineering perfection, marrying clean design with superior functionality. Marvel at the aerodynamic breadboard, the structurally-sound rubber band holding the battery pack in place, the smooth contours of the piezo alarm we ripped out of a personal alarm and repurposed, the classic lines and form factor born from meticulous design and precision engineering …

    OK so maybe it kinda sorta looks just a little bit like total crap. But it works perfectly and does everything we wanted it to do, so in that sense it serves as a great proof of concept for our original idea and is indicative of the progress we’ve made thus far. So like the parents of ugly babies everywhere, we’re still proud of our little guy and love him dearly.

    Of course this isn’t the final version. This is an early prototype with the essential components (power source, accelerometer, Bluetooth chip, microprocessor, and alarm unit) rigged together on a breadboard. The next iteration that we’re currently working on will further refine this idea, shrink down the components, and house them in an early version of our outer casing. This outer casing is the one sourced via freelancer.com, which we just recently received the STL files for and will be attempting to 3D print in the coming days (we’ll cover that process as well when we get there). So while this is still a bit clunky, the next version will be sleeker and better designed: in short the kind of bike alarm you can take home to mother. Stay tuned.