• No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

    by Scott

    So that’s my ride, just chilling in front of the entrance to Noisebridge. Or I should say that’s most of my ride. Some douchnozzle took the liberty to jack my seat while I had my bike parked outside of Bike Kitchen earlier that night. 

    So let me back up. Back in my formative years your sketchy Uncle NoJack used to work as a bike mechanic to finance his expensive habits (namely bike riding/racing). So when I recently heard about Bike Kitchen, an all-volunteer bike shop where people can go to work on their bikes with the aid and advice of mechanics in the heart of the Mission District, I jumped at the chance to volunteer to contribute in my small way to the local cycling community. 

    But as I was inside my bike was locked up to a bike rack around the corner, out of sight, where apparently it was easy pickings for whoever decided to jack my seat. Not the whole bike, luckily, that’s secured with a ten-pound Kryptonite chain, just the seat. So while the lock prevented them from yanking my whole bike, they were still able to steal a part off of it. Just another good example of how a motion-activated bike alarm would be useful for stopping not only theft of bikes, but also theft from bikes. 

    So how much fun is it to ride home at night on rain-slick streets standing up the whole way, you ask? Yeah, it sucks. But as long as you remember you’re missing a seat and don’t try to sit down you should be fine. Because if you do that then the metaphorical becomes way too literal, if ya know what I mean. 


    Whatever you do don’t sit down. 


    The bike lock that saved most of my bike.