• Getting Our Hackathon On!

    by Scott

    Team NoJack has been busy lately, and not just because we all have multiple spouses and secret families (although that too). No, we’ve been busy designing our outer casing, shooting some cool promo videos, and gearing up for our first hackathon!

    What’s a hackathon? A competition where teams compete to conceive, build, and demo the coolest and most innovative hardware or software that they can over the course of a single weekend—fueled by pizza, caffeine and adrenalin. It’s kind of like a real marathon in that it’s a grueling endurance race that will test your abilities to their outer limits and leave you exhausted, sweaty, and bleeding from your nipples (yes, hackathons do that too). But they’re an amazing way for teams with ideas to make some incredible progress in a short time, while also potentially winning financial support or other resources from interested backers to help them take their ideas forward.

    NoJack’s own Ash is a hackathon veteran, with five under his belt this year including two wins at Google’s Glass Hackathon and BeMyApp’s Bluetooth Beacon Hackathon, and finalist at Launch Hackathon, the biggest in the world in which 1,000 developers scoff their way through 1.5 tons of pizza (whilst incidentally creating some amazing apps).

    NoJack’s entering the BeMyApp Hackathon over the weekend of March 28 – 30. We’ll be debuting the NoJack idea there, but in keeping with contest rules will have to build out another prototype from scratch over the weekend (to keep it fair to the other teams who haven’t had a head start like we have).

    So if you have an idea for a connected device bring it to the hackathon and enter for a chance to win support to launch a crowdfunding campaign!* See you there!

    *But don’t actually do that. We still want to win this one. Just come by and say hello.


    The hackathon process in action, whereby pizza and Red Bull are converted into code and devices.

    Pictured: Self-loathing