• New Concept Design

    by Scott

    We’re pleased to present a brand new concept design for NoJack! It’s still early days for us in terms of the design, so of course this could change as we further refine the look and alter it to accommodate engineering challenges like making it tamper-proof. 

    This came about as another great outcome from the hackathon weekend. The way BeMyApp ran their event was that idea people pitched their ideas on Friday night to an audience of hardware and software people, designers, and others. If they liked the idea these people would approach the idea generators and offer to work with them. We already had most of a team in place, but were looking for a designer. Luckily for us, after our pitch we found a bunch of designers who loved the idea and were interested in working with us. This was a huge score for us, and a major step forward towards our final design.

    The designer who teamed up with us is a talented artist and designer named Freddie. He runs a website that provides black and white images based on a monthly theme that visitors can color in, with a large portion of the proceeds going to a charity selected for each month. You can check out his site here: http://www.simplycolor.in/

    We’ll keep you posted on how the design comes as it takes shape and we begin to produce prototypes based off of this concept. But for now feel free to print out this image in poster-size and hang it over your bed (and check out Freddy’s site)!


    Here’s the new NoJack concept design.


    What it will look like on a bike.